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Aimgrow Family Agro Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Aimgrow Family Agro Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd is registered under the section 7 of Multi State Co-Operative Society Act 2002, (39 of 2002) and the rules framed there under, having its registration number MSCS/CR/1114/2014 and the registration date is the 14th day of October 2014.

The society has its registered office in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. The area of operation of the society is confined to all the states of Jharkhand and Bihar. The rules and norms related to the society are defined under the byelaws of the society. Further, the society uses their funds in lending to their valuable members for investment as per the Co-Operative Society Act/Rules/Byelaws. Our registration guidance and controlling authority are Central Registrar of Co-Operative Societies, Department of Agriculture & Co-Operation, Ministry of Agriculture and Government of India.

Our Aim

Aimgrow Family: An Agro Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. primarily aims to support and encourage its members at every step. To retain the position of single largest trader in the country for product lines like pig farming, dairy farming and many more. Our society aims to boost the agricultural standards and rural development in the respective areas of its operation and to help its members increase their productivity and prosperity with this collective venture.

Our Objective

Aimgrow Family Agro Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd has been established with a concept to avail quality products of all Agro Based variance present under one roof for Importers from various parts of world and make them aware about wide range of unique and quality products of our nation, which are yet to be revealed to the world.

To be a leading exporter and importer House in India, operating in the competitive global trading environment, with focus on “bulk” as core competency and to improve returns on capital employed, our Aimgrow Family is geared up to meet the challenges stemming from wide variations in quantity/ product range available for imports/ exports besides broadening the commodity profile to ensure future sustainability of business growth. Striving to maintain the high standard and quality through our services is one of the biggest objectives of Aimgrow family. Since quality is considered to be at the heart of not just every product but of every activity, as each activity contributes to the final output. Not only this, we also believe in upgrading the skills of employee for achieving higher productivity.

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