Pig Farm

Pig Farm

India has a population of about million pigs, which is less than 1 % world population. Pig farming is adapted to both diversified and intensified agriculture.

The popularity of pigs in India is immense. It has been practiced using traditional and conventional methods for centuries. “Aimgrow family” has adopted and executed modern and systematic methods to make pig farming more commercially viable. All pigs are grown in very hygienic condition. We have trained staff to ensure proper management of everything.

The love for pig and enthusiasm has managed to sort the best breeds. Hence, specially maintain the selected and healthy breeds. Our main motto is to be biggest group in India and supply our product in worldwide with the best quality.

Pigs convert inedible feeds, grain byproducts obtained from mills, meat by products, damaged feeds and garbage into valuable nutrition’s mean. In addition to this, the feces of pigs are useful in maintaining soil fertility. The ratio of total consumable meat and total body weight is higher in pigs. We can get around 60 to 80 percent consumable meat from a live pig.

Pig farming requires small investment on buildings and equipment’s. Instead of that our adequate space for the pigs allows them to breed and grow with no stress and a proper living condition.
Our high breed Pigs are known for their meat yield, which in terms of dressing percentage ranges from 65 – 80 in comparison to other. Our pigs are in good demand for both domestic as well as export market products such as pork, bacon, ham, sausages, lard etc. It all because we have one of the best offspring of gilts and sows.
We are very precise when it comes to selection of boars. In our selection we take full care of boars that they should be undertaken at 7 months provided it has attained a body weight of at least 90 kg. We properly insure that they must be free from any physical defects. We perform modern and well-established scientific principles, practices and skills in pig farming.

Organic farming eliminates the consumption of antibiotics, hormones, and animal goods, which can cause certain illnesses both towards the pigs and towards the consumers. To avoid this we introduce our pigs to natural diets as well which consist of natural corn, flax seed, buckwheat, barley, roasted soybeans, and vitamins and minerals developed for organic production. Corn shots are also offered several days prior to butchering to integrate a sweeter taste towards the meat.

We took our boars for outdoor exercise, which helps in keeping the boar frugal and tough. We keep on checking regularly for brucellosis and leptospirosis periodically. Another important aspects with our aim grow piggery farm is the disposal of waste management for maintaining hygienic environment in farm.
Our high quality pork meats generated in this fashion are readily accepted among the ever-increasing population of Indians with high incomes in branded hotels, restaurants and fast food joints, thus generating good money for the farmers, just as their counterparts are doing in North America, European Union and Japan.

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